Shooting System

The SHOTMASTER Shooting System helps eliminate the "Shot-Killers" through repetition of sound shooting fundamentals. SHOTMASTER works based on the principle of repetition and muscle memory.

  1. Poor shooting fundamentals. Poor ball hand relationship. Poor grip. The SHOTMASTER System teaches "SHAKE HANDS GRIP ON BALL".
  2. Eyes not focused on the goal. The SHOTMASTER System teaches "EYES ON THE PRIZE".
  3. Poor balance, catch in the ready position, shoulders square to basket. Foot, knee, elbow, wrist in line with target. The SHOTMASTER System teaches proper alignment to execute the shot.
  4. Arms too close to the body or too far away from the body. Inconsistent or weak shooting pocket. SHOTMASTER was designed with this shot-killer in mind.
  5. Hoisting, throwing, slinging, and launching are not shooting. The SHOTMASTER Shooting System has a zero tolerance policy on these shot-killers!
  6. Excessive ball travel. Excessive arm movements. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Any unnecessary movement off the line reduces efficiency and time. Hitching, dipping, and re-gripping are examples of SHOTMASTER shot-killers.
  7. Breaking the fundamental principle of shot verticality. Drifting left or right or forward or back (crow hopping, sidestepping). SHOTMASTER helps develop a disciplined fundamentally consistent shot.
  8. Practicing too far from the goal. Tiger Woods and Jordan Speith don't go to the range and practice putting from 20-25FT. They work inside out not outside in. They work 2-4FT,4-6FT etc...
  9. Undisciplined shooting in practice, no accountability, no goals, and no measured monitored standards to chart progress. The SHOTMASTER Shooting System destroys this shot-killer!
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The SHOTMASTER Shooting System works. SHOTMASTER was designed as a tool to help shooters master the art of shooting.