Getting Started

SHOTMASTER is a revolutionary new basketball training aid that helps the user master the art of shooting the basketball.

Webster's dictionary defines: "SHOT" - The act of shooting.

Webster's dictionary defines: "MASTER" - One who is highly skilled... an expert craftsman.

SHOTMASTER Defined: An expert shooter, a highly skilled marksman. A shooter of the highest rank.

SHOTMASTER is the best basketball training aid on the market to develop fundamentally sound shooting of the basketball. SHOTMASTER, in conjunction with the SHOTMASTER Shooting System, will improve your basketball shooting efficiency, accuracy, and shooting percentages dramatically.

SHOTMASTER works based on the principle of muscle memory and repetition of sound fundamental basketball shooting principles.

Video: An Intro to SHOTMASTER

Video: Overview of the SHOTMASTER System


Putting It On

SHOTMASTER is shipped ready to use, and does not require any assembly. SHOTMASTER is fully adjustable and works with the natural physiology of the shooter. You simply place the SHOTMASTER over your head, with the SHOTMASTER logo facing upward. The shoulder braces should be resting on the back of the shooters neck. Place your arms through the shoulder braces with an inside out motion with your arms extending thru the shoulder braces. If application is correct there should be an "X" on the back of the shooter. Next, adjust the SHOTMASTER to the appropriate height by sliding the right and left hardware (plastic strap adjustments) on the shoulder brace straps.

SHOTMASTER is designed to be adjustable by design. The appropriate placement will differ slightly with each shooter. Younger players require a little lower placement of the SHOTMASTER because they are not strong enough to execute the shot with less ball travel.

SHOTMASTER is designed to limit ball travel. Ball travel is defined as excessive movement of the ball or arms. Dipping, dropping, hitching and throwing the ball with the arms are indicators of excessive ball travel. Good shooting originates from a solid, disciplined, and consistent shooting pocket. SHOTMASTER ideally should be adjusted to rest just under your arms in the upper middle of your torso. SHOTMASTER helps the shooter to address the target with shoulders square to the basket. SHOTMASTER forces the shooter to keep the elbows in to maintain SHOTMASTER on horizontal plain. Once the SHOTMASTER is adjusted you can begin the process of repetitive shooting.

Video: What The SHOTMASTER System Does

Video: Putting It On


How to Use Your SHOTMASTER

SHOTMASTER is designed as a training aid to help you develop into a great shooter. Great shooting requires proper fundamental technique, repetition, and time. SHOTMASTER is a tool designed to help you develop a solid and consistent shooting pocket. SHOTMASTER is a tool that should be used whenever you practice shooting the basketball. SHOTMASTER works by creating a platform that replicates the shooting process, so technique is consistent. 

The 5-Spot Shooting Drill is a great drill to help players develop the ability to:

"Catch and Shoot"

Shoot 10 shots from 5 spots around the key from 8-10ft with the SHOTMASTER on. SHOTMASTER requires a partner to rebound and feed you the ball. SHOTMASTER should be used to develop repetition, consistency, technique, and muscle memory. Great shooting is a time investment, and requires patience and persistence.

SHOTMASTER should be used whenever you are practicing your shooting. SHOTMASTER should be used for 1/3 of your individual shooting practice. SHOTMASTER produces results from first application.


Always practice inside out, and not outside in. Young players develop bad habits by practicing too far from the goal. Tiger woods does not practice putting from 25-30ft until he has worked his short game. Tiger practices his short putts 2-4ft, 4-6ft, 6-8ft, etc.