Be steadfast and determined; show no fear, for the spirit of the SHOTMASTER will never forsake you.
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SHOTMASTER apparel is for lovers of the game of "Basketball". Our signature apparel is designed with "The Love of The Game" in mind. SHOTMASTER is a Basketball Brand! We believe that through practice, sacrifice, passionate commitment to excellence, and hard work you can bring your goals, and dreams into focus and achieve them. SHOTMASTER is an attitude and a philosophy that is represented in every article of clothing we create.


Training Aids
SHOTMASTER is a revolutionary shooting training aid that isolates the shooting pocket, and helps the shooter develop a disciplined fundamentally sound and consistent shot. SHOTMASTER works on the principle of muscle memory and repetition of solid fundamental shooting principles. SHOTMASTER works, and begins to show results from the first application. SHOTMASTER is recommended for use with boys and girls age 10 to adult.


The SHOTMASTER network is a site devoted to original content produced by SHOTMASTER LLC for our expressed purposes and can not be rebroadcast or reproduced without our permission. SHOTMASTER network features people of interest that epitomize the SHOTMASTER philosophy and love for the game of basketball.


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